Talent find value in my thoughts.

How do I know? When they apply what I teach or take my direction, voiceover talent make money. Not all of the time, but enough of the time. And sometimes quite a lot of it.


After all, you can’t work for a talent agency as long as I did without making money for both your clients and your employer.

I spent almost 15 years, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, directing over 125,000 voiceover auditions. The audition count is probably a little low.


But when you do the same job for a long time, something happens.


You start to hear a little voice in the back of your head asking if there is anything else for you out there.


I’ve read that many people who changed their career path felt that way.


And there was what my Dad said:


“You might get a different kind of satisfaction from working with voice talent one on one rather than so many, so quickly everyday”.


My Dad was right.


Q & A

Made in 2014.
That’s why I say 85 thousand auditions.
And other things have changed.
My hair is short.
But that suit was really nice.
And the lighting was good.


Made in 2017.
Watermarked from an earlier site.
I talk about teaching voiceover to actors.
And the lighting wasn’t so good.
But I still like that tie.


Years in the Industry


Auditions Directed


of Clients


of Readers

Conversational Voiceover Coach

 Commercial Demo Producer

Hugh P. Klitzke is a voiceover coach, director and producer in New York City.

For almost 20 years, Hugh has coached, taught, lectured on and directed the authentic conversational read.

He also teaches self-direction and the commercial read, directs auditions and produces demos (amongst other things).

Hugh directed over 125,000 auditions in nearly 15 years as the Voiceover Studio Manager at Buchwald, New York.

In 2023, Hugh was nominated for Best Female Commercial Demo Production at OneVoice. He spoke at WOVO, critiqued at NEVO, taught workshops at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and in 2024, was a panelist and presenter at VO Atlanta.

Hugh has also been:

  • The head of sound for Penn & Teller
  • An Equity Stage Manager
  • A producer at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn (now Detroit)
  • An award winning composer and lyricist for theater, film and digital media
  • A music theory lecturer at SUNY Purchase
  • Assistant to a Baroque trumpet scholar
  • A certified K-12 music teacher 
  • And a two time marathon finisher. 

Today, Hugh is coaching, giving workshops, teaching classes and re-launching his newsletter.

Real feedback on your

conversational read.

A podcast can't do that.