How to Get the Conversational Read

03.04.24 09:48 PM By Hugh Klitzke

Some voiceover talent think the conversational read is innate. You have it, or you don’t.

Or that they’ll never unlearn the way they’ve always done voiceover. And they give up, believing it’s not for them.

But what is the magic prescription that makes the conversational read teachable?

Well, it’s not magic. And there is no silver bullet.

However you can:

  • Impose subtext on scripts

  • Identify structure in the copy and use it to create narrative clarity

  • Apply the descriptions of tone and direction you are given to both the text and your natural vocal qualities

  • Listen to yourself without judgment to redirect your performance

  • And learn to adapt and adjust these ideas (and more) to the cycle of auditions, bookings, and rejection that is such a prominent feature of the voiceover industry

Can everyone do the conversational read? Probably not. But I believe more people can do it than they realize. 

And the amazing thing? Once you get it, we don’t only hear the words. 

We hear you.

Hugh Klitzke