I’m Hugh.  And I help voiceover talent understand and perform the conversational read.

You’ve worked hard.
And invested a lot in your voiceover career.
But now you're stuck. Maybe even a little angry.

You know something is missing from your conversational read and nothing seems to help.

Let’s work on it together.
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Kind Words

From clients, subscribers, and fans.

Great! - Morgan Dixon

Information I didn't even know that I didn't know!

Surprising! - Keith Bush

A lot of your advice is contradictory to what I've heard or read elsewhere, but hearing the "before and after" reads convinced me! 

Enriching! - Lisa White

I am tired of being told to just "talk to a friend," and this provided alternative strategies for sounding more natural.

Edifying! - John-Michael Collins

This work is mentally challenging in so far as learning how to get out of your own head. Today I saw how that is done.

Relaxed! - Leo Wolfe

The environment was welcoming and supportive, creating a safe place for people to explore.

Fantastic! - Kimberly Stanphill

So many great reminders and a little debunking of certain myths (hitting the brand name, etc.)

Amazing! - Anna Konovalova

It was helpful, dense and intense. I feel brain-dead now. 

LOL ! - Patricia Burgos

To see the vast difference after even a small adjustment was so awesome.

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